A Happy Taks-Giving

The gorgeous (and very Danish) centerpieces my friend Lauren made!

As the semester winds down and draws to a close, emotions are running high here in the culinary LLC (or at least on the third floor). While I’ve missed my friends and family many times over this semester, it’s hard to feel anything but heartbreak at the thought of leaving. This is not helped by the emails DIS has started sending us regarding departure (and the fact that we have to clean our entire apartment – a daunting task).

Diana (also known as sauce queen or turkey master) made the most delicious turkey

Luckily, we got to celebrate one of my favorite holidays before all of this chaos began – Thanksgiving! Who’s surprised? I love to eat! My entire floor and some of our close friends decided to throw a big Thanksgiving complete with all the staple dishes – guess which one I was in charge of? Only my closest friends and family will get this one right. 😉

Instead of trying to come up with a set list of dishes that were to be made, we each decided to make our favorite Thanksgiving dish and bring it to share with everyone. We still had turkey, stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes, pie, etc., but we also had some really fun things like carrot ginger soup, pumpkin muffins, kale salad, and more!

My specialty and biggest downfall – mashed potatoes! I couldn’t get them to brown on the top, sorry dad!

I spent the entire day before Thanksgiving (no class, thankfully) grinding out mashed potatoes. I am obsessed with mashed potatoes, so I obviously had to take on the daunting task of making enough for 20 people. This meant 5 bags of potatoes, 2 cartons of milk, and 4 cups of sour cream (you don’t even want to know how much butter I went through).

This night might end up being one of my favorites of the entire semester simply because all of my favorite people were gathered in the same space for more than a few minutes. As time speeds by here in Copenhagen, I’m continuously overwhelmed with the tragic and unchangeable fact that soon we all will part ways. Therefore, I’ve been spending all my time soaking up the wonderful company of my friends (thus why my blog posting has been so lackluster, my sincerest apologies!).

Ladies of the 3rd floor

I would encourage every DIS/study abroad student to take advantage of holidays to spend time with your close friends and the people who have made your abroad experience so special. It’s easy to get homesick while being so far from friends and family back home and I know many who have, but in the end, these moments are fleeting and ultimately irreplaceable.

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