A Day In The Life! Thursday Edition

Hi, it’s me again. Surprised to see me? Me, too, honestly. Life has been so busy that I can’t even find time to blog about it! *Or I’m just too busy soaking up all my time in Copenhagen to spend it on anything even relatively productive, which seems more likely.*

Anyways, I thought I’d walk you through a typical day for me as a DIS student. Obviously, each day comes with it’s own unique twist (I’m in Copenhagen, how could it not?!) but I have a general routine that I follow, which will begin….now!


Living in a quad means that once my roommates are up, I’m usually up (whether I want to be or not). This actually hasn’t been such a bad thing because I’ve been getting up earlier than I’m used to at home and establishing a better routine (that I hope will continue this spring…is that too optimistic?).

I’m eating this while I write this post – definitely check out Buzz!

My earliest class on Thursday (and every day) starts at 11:40, so if I don’t have plans to meet up with a group or a friend, I’ll head over to one of the many cafes I frequent for my morning coffee and croissant (watch out for a blog post on my definitive croissant rankings!). If I’m feeling ~really~ hygge, I’ll hit up my favorite cafe, Buzz, and get peanut butter-raisin porridge. While my bank account deeply resents my croissant addiction, going to a cafe is a great way for me to get myself up and moving after a lazy morning.


Thursday’s are my busiest days, with three classes meaning that I sit in a classroom from 11:40-5:45 (yikes). Usually, I’d have Strategic Communications (my core course) but today was actually our last day – can you believe that?! For some unexplained reason, some DIS core courses end mid-November instead of running through the end of the semester. This is actually really sad for me because I love my core course friends and will greatly miss seeing their wonderful faces every Monday/Thursday. 😦

A cute pic of Mac & Millie mom sent me – apparently they love the snow(:

After Strat Com I have History of Sexuality in Europe for an hour and a half, and then a fifteen minute break where I’ll grab (guess) another croissant (okay, only sometimes) or a quick snack before my three hour class, Digital Media in Marketing. I actually have a final exam for DMM in approximately… *checks watch*… twenty minutes, so wish me luck!


When I finally emerge from class at 5:45 PM, it’s pitch black hell already dark out, so I hurry on home, which is only a quick ten minute walk from my classroom. Usually, my roommates and I will have plans to cook something together (tonight it’s homemade gnocchi!) and so I might make a quick stop at Netto to pick up some last minute ingredients (aka wine).

The market right next to DIS!

While the darkness has definitely gotten us all down a bit, Copenhagen just lit up all of the inter-city streets with overhanging Christmas lights, which brings that much needed morale boost when walking down the dark streets at 5 PM. There’s also been an emergence of Christmas markets, which I hope to do a tour of in the next month.

Coming Up: Anyways, tomorrow afternoon I leave for a ~girls trip~ to Spain with my friends, and when I return on Sunday we’ll be in full-on Thanksgiving mode! They pretty much just skip right over Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas here, which is obviously expected but still a bit of a surprise to change gears so suddenly. Us Americans (and especially us culinary llc folk) absolutely cannot pass up the chance to celebrate Thanksgiving in the traditional American way – a feast! We’re going to do a big “friendsgiving” next Thursday, and I’m so excited to spend the holiday with my friends here. (:

Hope everyone is enjoying the (snowy!!!) weather back home and see you soon!

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