A Week In Central Europe!

Hallo! Ahoj! Me again. I’m back from my travel week, and I have a lot to share.

This past week, I traveled to Vienna, Prague, and Berlin all within the course of 11 days. I went with five of my good friends, and we had such a wonderful time! I have a ton of pictures to share, so I’m going to start with our first stop:


We spent Friday night – Monday morning in Vienna, and while I would have liked to have more time to explore the city, I think we hit a lot of big things! We saw Klimt’s “The Kiss” at the Belvedere Museum, walked through at least six churches (one of which was St. Stephens, a breathtaking piece of architecture from the 12th century) and made our own chocolate bars in a chocolate workshop!

Funnily enough, the Saturday we spent in Vienna happened to be Austria Day, so there was a ton of events going on in the city centre. We saw a live police demonstration and bought a Peppa the Pig balloon from a street vendor (which lived on throughout our entire trip, right up until the Berlin airport). Overall, we had a great time walking around Vienna and exploring the little sites we stumbled upon throughout the weekend. (Another neat thing about Vienna: the pedestrian walking lights show LGTBQ+ couples! A great addition to an already wonderful city).

My favorite part of Vienna was probably our breakfasts – we ate very well on this trip. At a little restaurant called The Cake Tree, I got eggs benedict and a raspberry scone and it was delicious (ugh, still thinking about it!).


I think it’s safe to say that Prague was my favorite of the three places we visited, but that could very well be because we spent the most time there. We left Monday morning, and spent the first night getting aquatinted with the area around our Airbnb (perfect location, right of Wenceslas Square!). The next day, we visited Prague Castle and later at night did an escape room, which was super fun and I’d highly recommend. During the week, we also climbed to the top of the astronomical tower and got to see amazing views (absolutely do this if you go to Prague: probably my favorite part of the whole trip!) and eat at an authentic Czech restaurant for lunch.

Another highlight: The Museum of Communism. This doesn’t sound like it should be fun, and it really wasn’t, but it was so interesting. I didn’t know a lot about Czech history before this visit, but this museum did a great job of walking visitors through the past century and how the Soviet Union influenced Eastern Europe to mimic communist governments. I’m really glad we did this, and it was also a perfect lead-in for our trip to Berlin.


The most fascinating (and tragic) part of Berlin was experiencing all of the history. Growing up, we learn so much of history from the perspective of American children, who are obviously coming from a different point of view than those living in Germany during the World Wars and resulting Russian/Allied occupation. It was also remarkable to see how varying the architecture is in the city, which I realized was because of all the bombings during the wars. The modernity mixed with older and more worn buildings created a contrast that made for an interesting exploration!

I really liked Berlin, and I think if I would have had a few more days there it might have surpassed Prague as my favorite of the 3. I’ll definitely need to go back and take more time there! Overall, though, I had a wonderful time this past week and am sad to know that my long travel break is already behind me. In two weeks, I’ll be traveling to Spain with my friends, and two weeks after that I’ll be welcoming my family to Copenhagen. It’s wild how time flies.

Until then, I’ll be enjoying the city and taking in everything I can!


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