Welcoming Fall in Cope

Remember that blog I wrote titled “September Already?”? Well, time to panic, because now it’s October. Who decided to let time move this fast? It sure as heck wasn’t me.

A view of the canal from a boat ride I took last week – I never want to leave this place

Anyways, time is ticking away, meaning that my semester in Copenhagen is almost halfway over (it was physically painful for me to type that). I actually just had a conversation with my friend Rachel on the ideal study abroad experience and how much the vision of what study abroad should be can impact what it actually is. There’s still so much I want to see and do while in Copenhagen, but instead of focusing on what I haven’t yet done, I’ll spend this blog post reflecting on some of the fun things I’ve done this past week (look at me, being an optimist! Proud, Mom?)

Last Monday, I had my first wine tasting class! This was exactly as much fun as it sounds like. It’s run by a sommelier and certified wine expert™ named Russ, who walked us through six different types of wine. We followed the 5 C procedure: see, swirl, sniff, sip, and savor. Yesterday, I had my second class, and we tried wines from all over France and learned about various types of grapes and how to tell the quality of the wine just from its name. It’s super cool and makes me excited to not be a broke college student in the future so that I can actually afford decent wine (no hate, Netto).

On Tuesday, the LLC had a lil Chopped-style cook-off, where we competed with the second floor to create the best dish from a list of ingredients given to us by Bat-El. My floor (aka the dream team and obvious winners) created an asian-style poke bowl with rice, pan-seared salmon, edamame in a roasted nut sauce, pickled cabbage and cucumber, complete with an on-the-fly spicy mayo created by sauce-queen Diana (who else?). It was so delicious and a lot of fun to make.

Dad on Facetime with a cameo from Mac

On Wednesday, I had another great field study, which I’m finding is one of my favorite parts of DIS! Last week, I got to hear from the director of the DIS communications program, Iben de Neergaard, who previously worked on the comm team for the Danish Refugee Council. She walked us through a crisis case she worked on in 2012 when a Danish man and American woman were kidnapped in Somalia. As the touchpoint for the organization, Iben was responsible for all press and media inquiries and just general PR for the case, which was obviously a pretty big deal. She asked us who we thought was harder to work with: American press or Danish press. Thoughts? Surprisingly, it was the Danish press! Apparently, the US media understood that to rescue the victims, the media had to step back and let the organization work instead of bombarding them. As a PR major, I find crisis communication really interesting, and I genuinely enjoyed this visit.

Friday brought some well-earned sunshine and a trip to the top of Hotel Danmark for a drink on the rooftop bar. It was beautiful and the perfect way to watch the sunset with a glass of Riesling (see, I am learning things at this wine class!). It’s still so surreal to be able to look over the railing and see so many historic buildings instead of the concrete siding and brick facades of back home.

To finish up the week, on Sunday my friends and I decided to check out the new metro opening ceremony – something I never thought I’d say. The city has been working on a new line for the past 8 years; it runs in a loop and has a stop right by DIS, which I’m sure future students will appreciate. To celebrate, the city had a big concert/celebration/party-thing with appearances from both the prime minister and the queen! I literally saw the Queen of Denmark – I was standing probably 50 feet from her at one point. It’s wild how different government and security are here and back home – the chances of me ever being 50 feet away from a sitting president are infinitely small (unless someone I know becomes president…)

I absolutely cannot believe that my time here is bleeding away so quickly, but luckily before that happens I still have a lot of exciting things to experience! I leave bright and early on Sunday morning (not joking – I have to be at the airport by 6 AM) for London. I have such wonderful memories from my trip to London last January, so going back without my KD gals will definitely be a little bittersweet. Regardless, I’m so so excited and cannot wait for takeoff in a few short days.

For now, I hope everyone is enjoying spooky season and having a great fall!

Tak and ses i London,


One thought on “Welcoming Fall in Cope

  1. Sounds like you are having a fantastic time Erin. You’re welcome to come to our house for wine tasting when you get back and we can compare notes, although, we tend to skip right to step 4 – LOL. Enjoy your trip to London, and I look forward to you next post!


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