September Already?

Another day, another five degree temperature drop in Copenhagen!

As I sit here in my cozy winter sweater, curled up under a blanket and sipping warm green tea (isn’t September supposed to be, I don’t know, warmish?) I have some exciting news to announce: I’ve been chosen as a DIS student blogger! I’m hoping to document my time abroad in a way that best reflects an authentic study abroad experience and helps future students to make the most out of their time here in Denmark.

Anyways, while I no longer feel like I’ve come down with the modern version of the bubonic plague, my voice has dropped three octaves and I keep a pack of Kleenax on hand at all times (thanks for shoving them into every corner of my suitcase, Mom!) I religiously get sick at the turn of the season every year, so there’s no one to blame but my own immune system.

Regardless, this hasn’t stopped me from having an exciting week here in Copenhagen! It’s strange because this just feels like my normal life now, but when I sit down and think about it, I’ve done pretty cool things almost every day of the week. Such is the life of a student abroad, I guess!

I’ll start from last Friday, as I left you all hanging on that cliffhanger regarding my visiting host family.

At around 2 PM on Friday, I took the S-Train up north to Lyngby, where my “host brother” Oliver picked me up. They actually live closer to Hillerød but Oliver goes to school near Lyngby, so he was able to pick me up on his way home (thanks, Oliver!) We spent the drive getting to know each other, which essentially consisted of me grilling him on the Danish education system and him vowing to teach me stick shift, a move that will probably result in me being thrown from the country.

They took me to Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød – so amazing that this exists practically in their backyard.
The beautiful pork that Søren cooked, with the skin on top!

I then got to meet Mette and Søren, who welcomed me into their home with a traditional Danish “Christmas meal” – pork, potatoes, and salad! It was delicious, and I even got to try the “skin” of the pig, which Søren cooked on the grill with the meat. While I don’t know if I’ll be snacking on pig skin anytime soon, I’m glad that I stuck with my conviction to try new things at least once.

Speaking of trying new thing, on Tuesday my culinary LLC made traditional Smørrebrød, which are open faced sandwiches on rye bread. The Danes put almost anything on them, but we narrowed it down to four types: potato, tomato, curried herring and liver pate. I can see you raising your eyebrows, so before you have the chance to question me or commend my bravery, I’ll admit to only trying a bite of the curried herring and avoiding the liver altogether (although they were a big hit with the others.)

5/7 of the 3rd floor squad with our homemade smørrebrød: Gwen, Emma, Lizzy, Grace and Me!

Moving on to Wednesday: a field study at Tivoli! Tivoli is the second oldest operating amusement park in the world and a Copenhagen icon. It was built in 1843 and the city has grown around it, meaning that it’s now surrounded by Copenhagen Central Station, City Hall, and the Ny Carlsberg Museum. For our field study, we walked through the park before it opened on a guided tour and learned about Tivoli’s history and their marketing/communications strategy, and then we got free access to the park (including rides!) for a few hours. This, as you can guess, was a very pleasant surprise, and some of my friends from the LLC met up with us to spend the day there.

A fellow llc friend and some girls from my class on “The Roller Coaster”, built in 1914!
The abnormally tall swing ride which I sadly could not convince myself to risk death on
A day trip to Malmö, Sweden last weekend!

I know I haven’t spoken much about academics, but don’t be fooled – I love my classes! While some of the material can get a bit repetitive, I’ve still enjoyed my time learning from Danish professionals and getting to know my classmates better. In my Digital Media Marketing class, we’ve been focusing on commercials and how much impact they have. We’ve analyzed some of the biggest scandals in recent media history, like the horrifying Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad and the more local Danske Bank. I don’t necessarily want to go into ad creation in the future, but it’s fascinating to see how the decisions made by communications and marketing “experts” led to such catastrophes.

My friend Griffin and I in Malmö

In more recent news, this morning my roommate Lizzy and I took a bike ride (and made it up a huge hill, much to my poor bodies dismay) to Frederiksberg Castle and walked around for a bit before heading over to Hart Bageri for breakfast. I forwent coffee and got apple juice instead, and it actually tasted like apples instead of just processed sugar water (sorry, Motts.) Not sure if it was worth almost passing out after making it up the hill, but still a nice start to the day.

My breakfast from Hart Bageri

This weekend, I’m booked up with culinary LLC events during the mandatory “LLC weekend” that DIS arranges for all the students living in this type of housing. Over the course of Saturday and Sunday we’re doing a walking tour of Østerbro, cooking together, trying “traditional danish treats” and foraging in Lynge Åmose (not quite sure what this entails but I’m hoping not too many spiders.) I’m hoping to have a relaxing night on Sunday, because on Monday morning I hop on a bus for my Core Course week, where I’ll be traveling to Odense and Aarhus for the first part of the week with my Strategic Communications class! We get to visit some neat companies, so although I’m anticipating being dead tired, at least I’ll have something to look forward to.

Our first roomie dinner – tacos!

For now, I’m enjoying the cooler weather (which is now socially acceptable sweater weather, bless) and frequenting the bookstore on the corner of my street. Today I stopped by and had to force myself away from the European hard cover boxed set of Harry Potter, which if you know me was pretty damn commendable (try fitting that in a suitcase.) I hope to spend the next week further getting to know my LLC and my classmates and cannot wait to usher in the fall season and the hygge that comes along with it!

Until next time,


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